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"Where grapes grow,
have people good time"
The sign on the wall
of Kiev Pechersky monestry.

Н.Н. Фаддеенков Виноградарство на Алтае
A new book by N.N.Faddeenkov
«Viticulture in Altay» is going to be published.

Red grape juice has better antioxidant qualities than orange juice. Red grape juice prevents from blood-vessel destruction more effectively than other fruit and vegetable juices.
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2 october 2004
"Own in the World" an article of transaction at "Biysk Worker"

25 septemer 2004Harvest of grape 2004

4 septemer 2004 were holding the confernce "Grape of Altai - development and future prospect"

18 may 2004 N.N.Faddeenkov  shares advice on cultivation of melon cultures with the readers of "Biysk Worker"

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